NBC\’s Chuck


NBC’s “Chuck” live press diary – Day 2: 

12:05 pm: I give this new action/comedy confection from Josh Schwartz a moderately enthusiastic thumbs-up. At the very least, I hope it turns Zachary Levi into the huge star he should’ve become after Less Than Perfect.

12:09 pm: Sarah Lancaster looks stunning.

12:10 pm: A reporter asks Schwartz to compare Chuck star Zachary Levi with his doomed O.C. starlet Mischa Barton. “They’re both tall… and shapely.” But unlike Barton, Levi probably won’t be killed off after three seasons.

12:11 pm: “I’m not as smart as Chuck,” says Levi of his secret-agent alter, “but I think I’m decently intelligent.”

12:14 pm: OK, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a big moment here in Press Tour Diaryland as we hand out the first Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis award! The trophy goes to the reporter who just asked Chuck costar Adam Baldwin if he’s related to the dysfunctional Baldwin brothers Alec, Daniel, Stephen and William. Today’s winner receives free and unlimited access to TV Guide’s Movie and TV database! Congratulations!


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