NBC\’s Chuck

October 14, 2007, 6:27 pm
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View the latest Chuck spoilers here:

Season 1 Episode 6: Chuck Vs. The Sandworm

Season 1 Episode 7: Chuck Vs. The Islandic Archer

Season 1 Episode 8: Chuck Vs. The Truth


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I think this is the best show on television. It has comedy and action. It plays into todays environment. “Chuck” is the first show in years that I have made sure that I am home to watch. Thanks. Jack Wagner of MO

Comment by jack wagner

“Chuck” is the first show,ever, that I have made sure that I am home to watch. I LOVE IT!

thank you, Chris Lewis of IL.

Comment by Chris

Congrats it is a great show. It has taking NBC a while to find a great show. I think the idea was a fantastic idea and they have open up the show to great heights. I know what the show should do next I hope they follow suit. It could be great SERIES. You have something here do not screw it up.

Comment by James Brown

I love Chuck, this is one of the best series i have see if not the best. Never miss an episode

Comment by Ela

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