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October 16, 2007, 4:26 pm
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I have uploaded a few of last night’s most memorable moments from Episode 4: “Chuck vs The Wookie” below:



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Do you know if the game they played in last night’s episode is real? And what’s its name?

Comment by Karen

Yeah, and also do you know the name/artist of that song playing at the end. All I could make out is “falls in place… falls in place…”

Comment by Frankie

love the show and the girl Carina is truly the hottest girl i have seen on tv in years.. Keep it up and bring her back!!! she rocks and gives sarah someone to be the not so perfect girl all the time.. 🙂

Comment by rebecca klein

song playing at the end:
Apartment – “Fall Into Place”


Comment by noname required

The woman who plays Carina in Chuck episode 4 is the swedish supermodell Susanna “Mini” Andén.I’m from sweden myself but I have to say I didn’t know it was her *oops* I recognized her but i didn’t know from where! Then she said, in swedish “om jag slänger nycklarna till dig, tar du dem då?” (If I throw you the keys, will you catch them?) It was then I realized, oh it her! hehe.Yeah she really is beautifull. Little bit to skinny if you ask me…. but ok, it’s a model we’re talking about 😛

Comment by Catherine

wat was da song that was being played at the beggining of the beach house scene when the team go to collect the diamond! It was quite an electro upbeat song!

Comment by Eboka

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