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October 18, 2007, 6:39 pm
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Chuck Online now has a detailed ‘Music Section’ which has every song from every episode which has aired so far. The music section will be updated within 2 days after the airing of each episode. Find the ‘Music From Chuck’ link in the toolbar on the left or just click Here.


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i’m so glad you posted this! someone out there likes the music as much as i do. thanks so much.

Comment by anya

Do you have the music for the halloween episode? the song where he is rideing on the bike to get to the halloween party?

Comment by Ryan

what is the theme song for the episodes of Chuck?

Comment by debbie

Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake 😀

Comment by bubba

Is NBC so lame that they cannot post the music to Chuck. ABC posts its music.
Here’s a link: https://nbcchuck.wordpress.com/music-from-chuck/

Comment by River Runs

What’s the name of the song and artist playing as “Chuck & Lou” are heading into the club in Chuck v. the Salami? It’s not listed on the music page.

Comment by Bas

“fresh feeling” – the eels

Comment by icewyne

There are a few songs from Chuck vs. The Imported Hard Salami that aren’t there… I just died a little inside, however I do love the site, it made me very happy last week

Comment by Nick

“Chuck” has had some fantastic music featured, and now instead of searching and googling(?) lyrics i can look here. thanks so much!

Comment by Fay

For Chuck vs. the crown vic, what about I melt with you, Modern English, by far the best song on that episode…

Comment by Nick

We are looking for the name of the song from Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami where Lou and Chuck are walking into the club. Any ideas?

Comment by Pax

Anyone tried the whole episode one song list and find out which song that Morgan plays for Chuck heading to Big Mike’s room with papers (final scene).Thanks =)

Comment by Ras

Hey people,anyone has an idea what is the name of the music at 33’min while he is asking “What do you know about Chuck”.it has no lyrics,actually just a rythim and not listed at episode soundtracks 6.(sea01,epi06,33 min)

Comment by desertfox

Does anyone know the music that plays on episode 4 ate exactly 19.51 until 20.01 ? when hes at the beach house..


Comment by Ivan

realy thank you.. but what is the theme song of Chuck.. hope get an answer.

Comment by Josue

please, please. please. someone tell the name of the theme song. you know, the one they play during the credits!

Comment by sarita

The THEME SONG of Chuck is:

Cake – Short Skirt/Long Jacket

Comment by savetheoc

Where can i find a site where i can download the theme tune from every show at the end credits? Its been stuck in my head for ages and i need to find it!

Comment by tom

They haven’t posted the music from the last 2 episodes…please don’t tell me that they’ve abandoned this website. that would make me sad…

Comment by gowen512

Hey Gowen. The site hasnt been abandoned. I am having internet problems at the moment. All of the music will be updated very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Comment by savetheoc

Yo ppls, what’s up? I know ep 4 isnt on the list yet, but just incase, what’s the song that starts playing in the second scene of the BuyMore party? The one that starts right after chuck and that other dude throws peanuts to eat them or whatever. Sound nice, i want 😛

PS. just for more precision, it’s the song that plays while that other dude dances with the fish, hehe

Comment by Sardonyx

… has this site been abandoned?

Comment by Sardonyx

The site has not been abandoned. The music for the last 2 episodes have just been updated 😉

Comment by savetheoc

Does anyone know where I can get the shows theme “Cake-Short Skirt” in a MP3 format WITHOUT the lyrics (as played on the show) so I can use it as my ringtone? Thanks in advance-Chris

Comment by Chris

does any one know the music being played when bryce returns, while hez in the casket? the same music is played in the chuck vs the gravitron episode, when chuck buckles jill to the driving wheel??????????????

Comment by chandu

I’d like to see the music for season 2, episode 10, Chuck vs. the Delorean. There’s a tune that sounds a bit like Bob Dylan at the end of the show.

Comment by don

In Chuck Vs. the Delorian, what song is playing when Chuck, Sarah, and her dad are dining? The song starts at 12 minutes and 58 seconds into the episode. This is a very melodic tune.

Comment by Kevin

I would really like to know the name of the song during the end credits. I’ve searched everywhere and people ask in comments but nobody answers the question. It’s like the song doesn’t exist online.

Comment by cool1400

The song is also played in exiting scenes, such as (specifically) in Chuck vs. The Alma Mater when Chuck is running away from the library before running into Casey.

Comment by cool1400

does anyone know the name of the song in chuck 3d when chuck and tyler first get in the club and the sor of rap song comes up if u do plzz tell me

Comment by john

There is a song that is played i several episodes, latest in chuck vs. 3d, when he’s being chased to the roof? can’t find the title anywhere..
Thanks for a great site though!

Comment by tedmin8r

Does anyone know the music that played at the end of the episode tonight?

Comment by charles carmichel

Yo, NBC forgot to publish Hot Chip- “Out at the pictures” for episode 12 Season 2. It’s the song playing when Chuck and the rock star are sitting in the club.

Comment by Alex

Episode 12 Season 2 also included ‘Good Days Bad Days’ by Kaiser Chiefs

Comment by isnakebite

Episode 12, also includes ‘Final Countdown’ by Europe and ‘I Like Dem Girls’ by Sizzle C

Comment by isnakebite

list of soundtrack for season 2 episode 18… thanks

Comment by thefudes

soundtrack for season 2 episode 18…

Comment by thefudes

soundtrack for season 2 episode 19 (the dream job)

Comment by kemitcoal

Chuck is awesome!!! Bring on the 3rd season!!!

Comment by rhys

Need to know the name of the song from the season finale of season 2. When Chuck and Sarah are about to…um…you know. Sounds like he’s singing “So Ready For Us.” Just wanted to know what the tune was.

Comment by speed24601

bon iver – creature fear. it is “so ready for us”

Comment by t

Does anyone know the name of the song in the season finale when Chuck is asking Sarah to go on Vacation? All I get is “perfect day” please help

Comment by Dawn

The song is “Looking at the Sun” by Gramercy Arms

Comment by Jeffster

there’s still a song missing from the list of S02EP12 .. (The 3D show) .. right in the start, in the nightmare scene… you know.. where sarah crawls on the bed… probably most of you were too “preoccupied” to listen to the music, but that tune is just great.. unfortunately i just can’t find it anywhere… anyone?

Comment by markåååååås...

Whats the songs name in season at 25 minutes and 49 seconds when Morgan,Jeff and Lester are running around making sales after Emmett gave them the warning that whoever has the lowest ratings will close BuyMore every saturday? Help

Comment by Asred

como se llama la cancion

Comment by diego

hi i’m looking for the name of the song in the season final when chuk’s sister get married

Comment by lapak00

How is the title song of the episode 1×02 when they are at the funeral please ?

Comment by Susan

I think you missed one…

Chromeo – Momma’s Boy

In Season 2 Episode 14 at the beginning when they’re following anna.

Comment by Gordon

Season 1 finale about 17 mins in when chuck and casey are searching for the marlin, it’s been in a few episodes and I can’t find out what it is. Does anyone know please. It’s driving me mad

Comment by Rob

there is a song missing in s2e12. the hives – try it again (played when they are playing football with the bomb)

Comment by Magnus Lundkvist

Season 2, Ep 10, Chuck vs. The Delorean…Does anyone know the name of the blues guitar track behind the scene on top of the parking garage with Chuck, Sarah, her Dad and Casey vs all the bad guys?

Comment by Peter Bittenbender

does anyone know what song plays at the dvd menu of chuck?…..i cant find it anywhere.

Comment by josh

Does anybody know what the title of the song is when Chuck was going to make a tactical attack to save Sarah from Shaw, when Shaw is showing Sarah the footage from her first mission? (Season 3 episode 13) Thank you!

Comment by Mario

The Antlers – Kettering

Comment by Drew

Thanks for the reply, but the song I am looking for is the one just before “Ketterling” starts.

Comment by Mario

http://www.themusicninja.com/soundtrack-chuck-season-3-episode-13-vs-the-other-guy-songs/ Website is good for the names of Chuck songs

Comment by Drew

Does anyone know the song that Chuck put on at the end of the episode that played a couple weeks ago. He played it for Sarah, since she hadnt listened to much music and said “its a start”. They were laying on his bed, the music was playing…..I can’t remember the lyrics and really want to know the name of the song and artist. Thanks!

Comment by RB

It’s feeling good by nina simone

Comment by robotto

well.. not “it’s feeling good”… just: “feeling good” …

Comment by robotto

hey does anywone know the song in the S3 E 18 whene his father dies ?????????????

Comment by alex

Yeah it’s one October song by nicho staio

Comment by Josh

2phmex http://cgE8hcmk9Vvqlosr5wcBa6nk.com

Comment by melony

When are they going to put out a cd with songs from CHUCK I LOVE THE MUSIC

Comment by holli thomas

what is name of the group in the ateam versus the b team the word in the song were not the end thanks

Comment by terri

what song was playing when chuck and the pirate were playing uno?

Comment by tseosn

hi! what song plays while chuck and the pirate are playing uno? thanks!

Comment by tseosn

omg i want to no that song to i cant find it nowhere 😦

Comment by Ashley Stevenson

whats the name of the song when chuck had to battle some guy, and they battled playing UNO??

Comment by Ashley Stevenson

The Artists name is tricky and i think song is called uk jamaican, so hard to find.

Comment by Blakepotatoe

What was the song that was playing right after the intro “CHUCK” in the background? I know I’ve heard it somewhere before but I can’t remember and it is only a brief instrumental.

Comment by Khrystina

do you know the name of the song that plays in season 3 episode 10 at precisely 32:37…it’s kind of childish but i like it…thanks in advance 🙂

Comment by Nick Z

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Comment by Wbpdamwi

What’s the techno music playing on episode 6 season 3 of chuck. Its playing when chuck reveals himself to manoosh at weap-con

Comment by Josh

Does anyone know the name of the song in thats playing in season 3 episode 6 chuck vs the nacho sampler. The song is playing when chuck tells manoosh who he really is at weap-con and tries to stop him. It sounds like techno.

Comment by Josh

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