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November 3, 2007, 3:12 pm
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The writers’ strike in The USA over the issue of Broadband and Internet profits has been given the go-ahead and “Chuck” could come to a complete halt! Read this:

It’s also a grim story for new series, as evidenced by Chuck and Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, whose two new shows have been gaining both momentum and buzz and now must come to a screeching halt. Sources have told me Gossip Girl lost a cover of Entertainment Weekly because of the strike (it might not be on the air when the cover would hit stands) and that Chuck will not receive news of a full-season pickup until after the strike is over. “I support the guild,” Schwartz told me. “But it’s unfortunate for everyone, all the way around.”

The good news is that these strikes may last for only 5 days, the bad news is that it may carry on for 22 weeks like the last writers’ strike in 1988.

Lets hope that the strike ends soon and that the writers’ such as Josh Schwartz can get back to work to produce our favourite show, Chuck.


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This article is the first I’ve heard of a new writer’s strike! I was looking online to see if “Chuck” has been getting any good press and suprise, strike news. I support unions but it will be disappointing to have Chuck’s season cut short -let alone the delay in knowing if it’s picked-up! Chuck is a great show w/ the perfect blend of comedy, spy-intrigue, music, and normalcy…great work Josh (again! you lucky SOB). =) Scott S.

Comment by Scott Straley

this saddens me so much. chuck is mine and my girlfriends favorite new show. it has everything. i was a huge fan of the OC (have them all on dvd) and i hate to see chuck end early.

Comment by Freeluv

I think the writers are right to strike. On the other hand, Chuck is by far my favorite show of the new season. I hope Chuck survives the strike.

Comment by Chuck Fan

I’m really bummed to hear about a strike, esp. when you mention my two fave shows this season–Chuck, of course, and Gossip Girl (my O.C. fix). I hope they survive the delay. I definitely want to see Chuck renewed for next year as well!

Comment by Shara

I relly hope the strike ends soon but it doesn’t look promising since cheap crappy reality shows filled the schedule before. Is there anything the viewers can do to encourage the studios to try and work with the writers? Without writers there is no product!

Comment by AnnieKinVader

I gotta agree with AnnieKinVader that too many reality TV shows are clogging up the airwaves. I had literally given up watching TV until Chuck came on, now I find myself trying out newer shows that NBC offers. Too bad the writers strike is gonna cut that short. I understand the issue, but it still stinks that it will cut into such promising shows.

Comment by Joe Gawronski

I really hope Chuck survives this. Its my favorite show. It is actually funny, romantic, and has lots of action. A perfect mix of things i like. I am really looking forward to new episodes.
Its a shame it might end…

Comment by JustMe

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