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November 20, 2007, 5:45 pm
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The ratings for last night’s Chuck Season 1 Episode 11: “Chuck Vs. The Imported hard Salami” stood at 7,8 Million Viewers which is up alot from last week, well done Chuck!


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SWEET! I hope this means it won’t be a casualty of the strike (which I support BTW).

Comment by Annie

I had a good feeling about “Chuck” since Episode 1, somehow, initially what attracted me to the series was the “knock-off” of the Best Buy and Geek Squad ensemble that got me started.

Also, I might be starting a new Category on my Fan Convetions Websites for Sci-FI for Chuck.

– Evil_T0NY

Comment by Evil_T0NY

It was a great episode, somehow I knew that Bryce was alive in that chamber.

the crazy thing is that even after the previews last night I still can’t figure out if he is going to turn out to be a good guy or bad guy. I like the fact that just when you think Sarah and Chuck are going to get things straight they throw another wrench in the gears. That is clever writing.

Comment by bc3263827

Will Rachel Bilson return for at least another episode? Loved her appearances. 🙂

Comment by Rudolph

The writers obviously love making the audience want more, then make it seem hopeless again… But I like it! Waiting for Monday to come is torture!

Comment by anna

i’m dyin’ here! who was the actor that plkayed “tommy” in the salalmi episode (on the 19th) that shot and killed the mob-father at the end? i know i’ve seen him in a million things but can’t think of a one of ’em!

Comment by Ima Confused

Rudolph: Unfortunately, last night was her last episode but Josh said you never know if she’ll come back sometime!

Comment by savetheoc

I think Bryce gets killed in that promo when u see someone get shot. Bryce doesnt kill chuck… hence the name chuck, and chuck and sarah gotta get together sometime. cant wait for more

Comment by chuckinator

I love this new show Chuck. I just hope they get Chuck and Sarah together soon. Needless to say if they don’t get Chuck and Sarah together soon I believe the ratings will fall. I will personally stop watching the show unless Chuck and Sarah start to get togther soon.

Comment by Kevin Fowler

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