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November 21, 2007, 7:20 pm
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President of scheduling at NBC, Vince Manze released a report earlier on the status of the NBC shows. He also included news on the new show such as Chuck. Here it is:

“We’re not holding back for January,” said Vince Manze, president of scheduling at NBC.There’s a fine line between keeping existing programs in reserve and letting them run to their natural hiatus points, Manze said. “You take your chances if you’re taking off a new show, especially,” he said. “We’re gaining momentum with a show like ‘Chuck.’ Do you want to hold it back or get as many fans as possible?”

While Manze declined to outline NBC’s plans — that probably will come after Thanksgiving — he said that the network will have just as many original hours of programming as it would have had in the first quarter without a strike. Programs in the mix include “Friday Night Lights,” “Las Vegas,” “Law & Order,” “Chuck,” “ER” and “Scrubs.”

It seems as though NBC does realise that they are gaining momentum with Chuck which is definately a good sign.


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OMG that is such encouraging news!!!

Comment by UltimoPegasus

It’s good news that NBC realizes the great potential for Chuck, but it angers me that they’re using it as a threat to get the writers to stop striking.

How about treating them fairly instead of trying to threaten them?

Comment by Amy

Boo yah! Hope the fires keep burning!

Comment by Tim

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Comment by Bope

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Comment by frmad

Ey, is anybody else not using the Chuck website in order to support the writers strike?

Apparently my sis said that the company makes money off the websites, so going to them is like crossing a picket line….but I’ve missed the last two Chuck episodes, and I saw the preview for next week….and I’m getting freaked out.

Anybody have any advice on what to do? Is there another legal way to see Chuck without crossing the picket line?

Comment by James

RE: James

Until the writers get compensated for new media, there would be no legal way of watching the shows online without giving money to the studios [and not the writers] since the studios are the only ones making money off streamed/downloaded material right now. šŸ˜¦ Sorry.

Comment by Amy

Well, I support the writers, but I support the show, Chuck, too. And while I want the writers to get what’s due them, the only way to make sure Chuck survives is to muster up some general glee-club activity, whether here online or via network viewing. Long live Chuck! The show just gets better and better as the characters are coming into their own! Hooray for NBC offering the back nine!

Comment by Urban Sasquatch

Boy! I feel very ignorant right now. On Monday I watched around 5 episodes of Chuck on my computer. I needed a Chuck Fix. I didn’t know about the loyalty issue, to the writers. But I really am anxious for new episodes of Chuck.

Comment by Nikki Gillespie

Chuck needs to be on. Seriously this writers strike needs to End. a lot of people dont have jobs because of this. and people are looking forward to the shows, that arent even airing. i miss the show chuck!!!!!!

Comment by trish.

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