NBC\’s Chuck

December 5, 2007, 5:02 pm
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The ratings for episode 11 have finally, after being delayed for nearly 24 hours, been released. Chuck went up from 8.36 Million viewers (last week) to 8.48 Million viewers this week. This is once again another climb in the tarings for Chuck. This is also the 2nd highest rated episode this season so far!


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Seriously! Thats Fantastic! How Awesome Is That! I Knew Chuck Would Come A Head It Is The Best Show Ever! I Have Been Telling Loads Of People About It And They Have Started To Love It To! Awesome Awesome Awesome I LOVE IT!

Comment by Jessie

Wow! My brother who absolutley loathes TV is now in love with this show! He went out and bought all the episodes on iTunes! This is definitely in my top 3 TV shows list! SPREAD THE WORD: CHUCK ROCKS!

Comment by Daniel

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