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December 6, 2007, 2:55 pm
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The ‘Favorite New Tv Comedy’ category which ‘Chuck’ was nominated in has been reduced to the 3 highest voted shows and Chuck is one of them! Although the voting for other categories have been closed, This category is still open for more voting and ‘Chuck’ is counting on you, it’s fans to bring that award home! Click the banner above to vote! You can vote once every day, and if you sign up you can vote once logged in and once logged out which is 2 votes a day!


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Thats awesome im so excited chuck made the top 3 thats fantastic! i love it! i have been voting everyday!

oh and i didnt know if you had already new but the next episode thats coming in 08 is called Chuck Vs. The undercover lover i didnt know if you knew or not so i totally wanted to tell yoU!

i love chuck its the best!! woo go team chuck!

Comment by Jessie

Jessie: Yeah i knew that but im just waiting for some spoilers before i post it up… Oh, wth, i might as well post it up now. Thanks for reminding me 😉

Comment by savetheoc

Your Welcome Yeah I have been waiting for spoilers to! I have been searching the internet for any facts about it but I have not found anything. All I found was an interview with Adam Baldwin (casey) saying that Undercover Lover is his favorite episode so far. So I am guessing its pretty amazing. Even though Chuck always is lol! But again your welcome!


Comment by Jessie

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