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January 9, 2008, 8:52 pm
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NBC has announced today that the last 2 episodes of “Chuck” that were produced will air on Thursday, 24 January 2008.

Episode 12: “Chuck Vs. The Undercover lover” @ 8-9 PM ET… Episode 12 Spoilers.

Episode 13: “Chuck Vs. The Marlin” @ 10-11 PM ET… Episode 13 Spoilers.



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Yes, Chuck returns!! Wo.oT!!!

But Wait whats on from 9-10?then?

Comment by Sean

The Apprentice is inbetween the 2 episodes.

Comment by savetheoc

Woohooo!!! Im so excited! =D

Comment by kayem

WTF?? Two eps left???? Whats the point of a winter break if only 2 eps left?? On the same day PFFFFFFT!!!

Comment by Nathan

wow its like Nbc wants chuck to die. 8-9 then 10-11? wtf kinda line up is that and on a thursday? Chuck hasn’t been getting the rep it should be getting.

Comment by Sean

As much as I am looking forward to fresh episodes, this is just all kinds of wrong. Chuck on a thursday? With The Apprentice in the middle? It´s like NBC is so desperate to air new episodes, they don´t care at all what it will do to the show.

Comment by Eve

I really don’t think NBC wants Chuck to die^^. First big reason should be the fact that they gave Chuck a full Season. And about the question why the two episodes are an hour appart: Apparently there is a Chuck-Special from 9-10. =D wich i am also looking forward to.

Comment by cookieMonsta

hey….why those episodes are available to download?(they are not fake)….and i was wondering if there will be more episodes? because de WGA strike.

Comment by e4sy

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