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January 26, 2008, 6:06 am
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Chuck took a little bit of a dip in the numbers in both episodes on Thursday night.

Episode 12 @ 8PM: Viewers: #4, 6.88 million viewers

Episode 13 @ 10PM: #2, 7.02 million viewers.

Episode music for “Chuck Vs. The Undercover Lover” can be found Here. Episode 13 music will be added soon.


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To be honest I kind of knew that it would have gone down.. not becasue of the show casue the show is great and i love it sooo much but the day the show usually is on got changed and me being a person who never ever missed an episode of chuck acctaully missed both of them I realized that night that i missed them so i stayed up all night and waited for them to be put on nbc.com seriously though i bet when the strike is over and there able to begin doing more episodes the ratings are going to shoot up i mean why wouldnt they the show is **AWESOME** lol


Comment by Jessie

Hi I’m looking for the music titles played during the season 2, episode 14, especially the one near the end of the episode

Comment by Ron Smith

Sorry disregard my previous comment I’m looking for the music titles season 2, episode 13

Comment by Ron Smith

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