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February 11, 2008, 4:10 pm
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 *The strike is said to be officially over. 

Executive Producer Josh Schwartz:  “If the strike is over, then on behalf of Chuck and Gossip Girl we are all thrilled to get back to work. Both shows will be back for more episodes—when, I can’t quite say, though Gossip Girl will most likely be on as soon as possible. Chuck may not be back until fall to relaunch with Heroes, or it may be back sooner, but both will be back!”

What We’re Hearing:  Umm…Ditto what Schwartz says. Expect lots more Gossip Girl this season (the CW is crazy for this show and has requested an additional nine episodes to air this season), while Chuck is likely to return in the fall for its second season.


Chuck on NBC


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Next two Heroes and Joan of Arcadia, Chuk is the moast intelijent comidy/adventchure…(TV shows) of the dekade! Dern well mieux* be bak sune!
(Whut the hek is Gosip Gurl?
Awl Spellink asyde, awn porpoise! (Duh)
* bedder!

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