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February 16, 2008, 8:07 am
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Best known to most of America as the bumbling lead on the series Chuck, Zachary Levi is anxious to show fans of his that he has a wide variety of acting talents and isn’t always going to be the lovable goofy good guy. In his new movie Spiral, Levi plays Berkeley a man who is trapped in a psychological thriller and doesn’t even know how involved he has become. Levi’s character is “friends” with Mason who becomes obsessed with women, paints them, and then has a drastic turnaround hence becoming obsessed with a whole new woman. Levi took some time to talk to iF magazine and to tell us why he likes playing insufferable bastards from time to time.

iF Magazine: This movie is being released after everyone has gotten to know you through Chuck, are you looking forward to everyone seeing you in such a different role?
Zachary Levi: Oh definitely, the timing of it from an acting standpoint is great. We get to build on some of the hype from Chuck and since most people have come to know me by that, I can throw them a little bit of a curve ball and show them that I can do different things. I’m excited for people to see the Spiral Zachary Levi in contrast to the Chuck Zachary Levi.

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