NBC\’s Chuck



Last night The Paley Center presented the creative team and cast of NBC’s CHUCK as part of their Paley Fest 2008. Kath and I were front and center for the action and it was one hell of a panel. Yesterday was the first day back for the Chuck writing team so they didn’t have a ton of information to spill for the fans but really who cares because it’s all about watching these guys in action (both on the show and in person).

The WGA Strike imposed hiatus has left these kids nutty! Zac Levi (Chuck) and Josh Gomez (Morgan) are seriously in the biggest bromance this side of Make Me a Supermodel’s Ronnie and Prison Ben. They’re frik-n-frak and I’m happy they’ve found each other. God bless the women that dare come between these two. It could get ugly.

Production must be a bear to keep on schedule because its non-stop one-upping between not only Zac and Josh but the majority of the cast. They seem to have created an incredible family and it was fun getting to watch their reunion of sorts.

Production on Chuck Season 2 will begin toward the end of May and they are confirmed for Comic-Con this July where they hope to show a bunch of new clips instead of an entire episode.

Read more at Ducky Does TV.


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