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Dear Readers, ‘Chuck Online’ has been moved to a new host for reasons which I feel will make your viewing more pleasurable and exciting. Updates will, from now on, only be posted on our new Chuck TVEdge website.


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Had a look at the music page, can anyone tell me what the music is in “Chuck Vs. The Marlin” when Chuck and Casey are searching for hte Marlin in Chucks apartment???

Comment by Dean1

Dear Josh,
I loved “Chuck” the first season. It was very original. Please don’t “jump the Shark” because of the writer’s strike. Pushing Daisies just got cancelled and it was very original. I love your use of “character” actors. That has been lost in the last few decades of TV. The cast is strong and the story can tell itself if you let it flow. Also, before you do the X-men movie please read the graphic novel “new mutants” I’m sure they have already told you that but I am a die-hard fan from the original Xmen and have found so much worth in the material. Today, I am a teacher who has to have a poker-face when my students tell me how cool the X-men are. Shocker!!! best of luck.

Comment by brian landreth

Atualização !

Comment by Guhh

Join me at a Twitter party for Chuck tonight. Tweet the episode, and us the hashtag #chuckonnbc to mark your posts.

Comment by Jennifer Roland

NBC has a solid audience for Chuck. Why not build a lineup from this show? What other “hits” do they have?
Isn’t this the same network that gave up on JAG only to see CBS have a ratings bonanza for years.


Comment by tony

was shown a fun lil flash game by a friend recently, and couldnt help but laugh when my char lost to chuck carmichael. take a look


Comment by jack

There are very few quality programs on television worth watching, but NBC’s “Chuck” is nothing less then super delicious and fun to watch for us guys! We totally enjoy the on-going titillation between Chuck Bartowski and the stunningly beautiful Super Spy Sarah Walker played by Yvonne Strahovski. A superb job to the creators of Chuck, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, keep up the man size love interest!

We sincerely hope NBC recognizes its viewer’s addiction for Sarah and Chuck. Good programming doesn’t come along that often, so get on board NBC.

We don’t need or want another boring survivor program; we want Chuck and its same airtime.



Comment by Advocate4Good

Totally agree!!!!!!!

Comment by chuckfan

I like Chuck. I hope NBC continues the show. I heard it may be going off the air. I wonder why Chuck always wears a tie.

Comment by Sophie

Hey I was wondering if anyone knew what song it is during Chuck vs the ring when Chuck comes with the idea to save his sisters wedding? It plays at 21:24 of the episode! if someone could help me id really appreciate. NONE of the sites have it listed.

Comment by Chuckmeister

go chuck

Comment by kutay

Very Likely: NBC Chuck Coming Back Early In 2009!

I had been hearing rumors about this for weeks and finally Michael Ausiello revealed some hard evidence, or at least some sort of it, and he says on record that there is a possibility of Chuck coming back to your TV as early as the end of this month! Read what Michael Ausiello said and more updates here:
Chuck Coming Back Early

Comment by Chuck Returns To TV Early

Love the show!! Keep the show!!!

Comment by chuckfan

I absolutely love Chuck. It has all the elements of a successul show. Adventure, mystery, great characters, a love interest, an interesting and extremely orignal story line. Maybe NBC should do more promoting. Please keep Chuck a sem-prosessinal. I loveed it when he caugh his leg in a window in one of last seasons episodes.

Comment by Shirley Delbert

oh please keep the show we really love the show

Comment by julie

I always saw commercials for Chuck and thought I would like it but didn’t have time. Then I started downloading it on itunes and watching it at the gym – I love it! Between Chuck and Mad Men, my workout is a breeze! Chuck must stay – how about a better time slot guys?

Comment by Debbie

Love this show and the music! Does anybody happen to know the song that played in the last episode “Chuck vs. The Tooth” when Chuck is in the mental hospital and Merlin says “Let him go or suffer the wrath of Merlin and his army”…?

Thanks in advance!

Comment by kameron

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